Updates in the Sanctuary and Parking Lot Preparations.

Framing has started at the front of the Sanctuary.

Here is the new accessibility ramp that allows those using wheel chairs to reach the altar area.  The ramp has already been boxed in.  Behind the wall at the top of the ramp is the new extension to the Narthex.

Work continues on the storm sewer that will tie into the main storm sewer pipe under Green Clover Drive.

The storm sewer has been installed at the back side of the church and graded in preparation to be paved.

The new western parking lot is being graded in preparation of the crushed stone to be laid down.

The crush stone is down, and the tractor with the roller is flattening it out.

More work on the eastern side of the church installing the storm sewer pipes.

The bell is ready to be hauled on to the roof.

Crushed stone is being dumped on the circular driveway at the front entrance of the church.

The crush stone on the circular driveway is being flattened out in preparation for paving.